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Post  MrWizzles on Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:28 pm

Mega-Codes Rules

Not following these rules can result in punishment.

1) Posting
  • No Spamming outside links to other websites (without permission). Note that links to Affiliated sites and links to download sites such as (Megaupload, Rapidshare, Adrive etc) are allowed. (Affiliates can be found at the bottom of the home page). Just don't get carried away with Affiliate links...

  • Posting a link to a site with no registration and is not a forum is allowed. Although Staff reserves the right to remove the link and take further action if the link is inappropriate which can include but is not limited to p0rnographic/nude/partical-nude material, advertisement, etc.

  • No Double Posting, Flaming, and Pictures of a disturbing or p0rnographic nature.

  • No Double Threads, Don't make multiple threads of the same info/links/requests/etc.

  • When you make a post you can't just type in "Nice" or "sick" (One or two word replies are considered spam). It just clogs the forums and is distasteful.

  • Don't bump old threads (2 Months+) for no reason or by off-topic spam. If you have a question to the thread feel free to ask on the thread. Otherwise, just don't reply for saying "Thanks" or "Great post". You can thank the poster/uploader by giving them +REP, instead.

2) Credit integrity
  • No stealing Credit for codes, Programs/Apps.

  • No stealing download links to a file and claiming it as your own without permission of original uploader.

  • No posting codes on other sites, you must ask code owner's permission first. When asked not to by code owner to be posted anywhere else and your refusal to that can be lead to more severe consequences.

3) Vip/Staff
  • No Vip member is permitted to Leak vip codes/exclusive materials.

  • Leaking - Giving Non-Vip members codes, vip exclusive materials, hints of any kind is not allowed.

  • No regular member is allowed to ask, trade or pester a vip member over vip exclusive material/codes.

  • Do not aggravate staff if there is a problem that needs staff attention please be patient.
    We reserve the right to revoke vip status for breaking the rules of the forum in this case we will warn you leaking vip codes will result in a ban and vip removal with no warning what so ever.

  • When you have purchased a vip subscription please give 24-48 hours to be confirmed also notify the Admin of your subscription.

  • If you have access to the Adminstrative Panel then you may not take away or change other people's privileges who also have access to the Administrative Panel without asking the Admin.

4) User Accounts
  • No account sharing! Make your own account and email. Notify an admin if an account problem arises. (Note: IP address’s are visible to Admins, and Jr. Admins.

  • Do not create duplicate accounts. One is enough! One account per person only.

  • If you have forgotten your password - click the link to reset your password. Be patient with the email, if it doesn't arrive, email/contact an admin to have it manually reset. Although proof may be required if you have more than one account and require password reset for the other one.

5) Using VBulletin Attachments
  • No uploading of illegal/copywritten material to the server using the attachments option.

  • No porno pics or anything of that sort.

6) Shoutbox Rules
  • Don't Spam the shout box with smileys pictures, outside links, etc...

  • You may post pictures and things along that sort but just dont go crazy with it, be mindfull of size and amount being posted as always staff has the final say if it's spam or not.

  • Be respectful to member's of the forum especially staff while in the shout box staff monitors the shout box constantly.

  • No outside links as this can result in an infraction then a suspension, however affiliated sites are allowed just don't get carried away.

  • When posting pictures try not to make them too big as it can lag the site, the shout box and it really just isn't nice

  • Use only one smiley at a time, 2 is pushing it. Posting a bunch for no reason is considered spam.


---If you feel any of these rules are unfair then please PM Myself (MrWizzles) or an Administrator

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